Beltrán Fernando Louge


Beltrán Fernando Louge graduated from Law School at Universidad de Belgrano in 1992. He specializes in Insolvency Law (Reorganization Procedure, Bankruptcy, Debt Restructuring and Pre-pack Agreements), Complex Commercial Law Litigation, Corporate Law and Banking.

In the area of insolvency law, he has counseled many foreign creditors, such as International Lease Finance Corporation - ILFC (LAPA reorganization proceeding) and Komatsu Latin America Corp (Paolini bankruptcy proceeding). In the case of the ILFC, he obtained the seizure of four Boeing B737-700 airplanes that were in possession of LAPA. In the Komatsu case, he enforced machinery collaterals and advised on the liquidation of tangible assets located outside the territory and jurisdiction of Argentine justice, achieving the recovery of the credit.  He has also represented many foreign and local financial institutions in reorganization proceedings such as The Bank of New York (Indenture Trustee in the Supercanal Holding’s restructuring process), Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, BankBoston, Banco Bansud, Banco Macro, Banco Piano, Banco Itaú and HSBC Bank in varied and complex proof of claims and enforcement of guarantees.

On the side of debtors, he has represented leading companies which have filed for reorganization proceedings such as Compañía de Productos Alimenticios Fargo, Havanna, Ferrovías, Aceros Majdalani, Superinox, Import Music, Shöeller + Cabelma, Verssion (Arredo), Viñas de Altura, Transportes 9 de Julio and Bonesi.

He has counseled the trustees appointed in the reorganization proceedings of Correo Argentino, Aurelio Flores, Banco Mendoza, Grupo Yoma, Resero, Sociedad Minera Pirquitas, La Nueva Argentina, International Express.  

His litigation experience includes the representation of companies in the most varied commercial matters (Creaurban, Transmetro, Coto, Eta Electo, Lecram, Matuk, IECSA, IAB Cía. de Seguros, Productora Americana, Maderas Regolf, Fabbiani y Cía., Interbonos Capital Markets, La Salteña, Júpiter, etc.)

In the area of corporate law he has an extensive experience in the resolution of complex shareholders’ conflicts. He has counseled shareholders in the sale of the controlling stake of Grupo Royal to Recreativos Franco ending a prolongued and complex conflict. In addition he has acted as counsel in numerous M&A operations and corporate lawsuits.